The RetaiLink lessons learned

In the last two years, ten cities in Europe have gathered twelve strategies for revitalising retail in midsize cities. All this under the flag of RetaiLink. You will find the twelve strategies and an extensive report on the RetaiLink lessons below.

  1. Analysis: know your customer and know your city retail. Consider perceptions and customer experience
  2. Rethink local retail: create conditions to attract a variety and good quality of retail that meets the target consumers’ needs and expectations
  3. Good feeling: aim at a positive feel-good experience for your customers, create an attractive retail area both in urban space and in retail concepts
  4. Skills: support retailers in skills training concerning retail trends, consumer behaviour, on-line strategy
  5. Business support: enable support to entrepreneurs to facilitate setting up and investing in the retail area
  6. Cooperation: organise partnerships with retailers and other local agents for mutual gains, work together locally in public private cooperation with a common vision, organise leadership and management, find allies in a supra-municipal strategy
  7. Compact and multifunctional: work on compacting and transforming your retail area, allow multifunctional use (housing, work, services and retail) to stimulate higher footfall, enable mediation to find solutions for vacancies
  8. Urban space: create and maintain an inviting and stimulating public space, which contains all the basic facilities for a comfortable and convenient visit, such as walkability, accessibility, car-parking, Wi-Fi zones, clean streets, toilets, benches etc.
  9. Regulation: ensure regulation that stimulates your retail strategy (tax exemptions, grants, contests) and an outlet distribution consistent with the retail proposition
  10. City branding: cooperate in finding your city’s identity (DNA) and shaping this to a marketing and promotional approach for you retail area
  11. Events: offer events and leisure opportunities in the public space to attract footfall involving creative, sports and cultural agents
  12. Digitalisation and connectivity: provide a single shared online proposition for your retail area, making a connection between the retail offer, services, shops, events and hospitality


For more info, please check the extensive report on the RetaiLink findings.

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