Retail and wholesale: a major actor in the revitalisation of city centres

Retail and wholesale sector is by nature deeply rooted in local economy. During in Hoogeveen on April 5, EuroCommerce Director General Christian Verschueren will highlight the contribution retailers can make to city centres and the challenges they face.

More than 99% of the 5.5 million retail and wholesale businesses in Europe are small and medium-sized enterprises. The sector plays a key role in the development of urban areas by boosting local job creation and household consumption, serving 500 million European consumers every day.

EuroCommerce is the principal European retail and wholesale organisation. Christian Verschueren: “Basically I will be speaking on behalf of our membership, representing about 5 million companies and 20 million jobs. I will highlight the positive contribution of the sector to the local economy and the challenges businesses face. These are all about digital transformation and the movement towards a multichannel approach. On top of that retailers need to work together with all city centre stakeholders on a coherent approach. If we do not work together, we will face a desertification of mid-sized cities.”

During Christian Verschueren will introduce his point of view in the morning programme. And he will join the afternoon session ‘How do I survive as a brick and mortar retailer’ together with Rob Weiss.

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