Retail doesn’t exist in isolation and is influenced and supported by many other factors. Engaging a wide range of stakeholders in supporting retail revitalisation is therefore a prerequisite to success.

During ICRE2018 on april 5 a special session will explore how to engage effectively local stakeholders in creating an environment where retail can grow and thrive. It will explore how to develop a robust stakeholder analysis and management plan to bring together local partners from a range of sectors with the aim of establishing a positive collaborative spirit that will bring benefits to all.

We will hear about two models of effective stakeholder engagement: the business improvement district (BID) based on the experience of Basingstoke in the UK and the business investment zone (BIZ) based on the experience of Hoogeveen from the Netherlands. In 2009 Hoogeveen was the first place in the Netherlands to start a BIZ. Local retailers contribute to investments for an attractive city center.

This will be a practical and participative session where participants can gain a deeper understanding of how to maximise the opportunities of stakeholder engagement.

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