For cities smaller can be beautiful

Places need distinction. They need to stand out by recognising and celebrating why they are outstanding. Places need to think strategically about the management of all the factors that affect place distinction. Then they need to sum up why they are special in a way which people quickly understand. As Einstein said …….

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12 innovative retail strategies for strong midsize cities

This is a taste of the 12 strategies.

In the last two years, ten cities in Europe have gathered twelve strategies for revitalising retail in midsize cities
1. Analysis: know your customer and know your city retail. Consider perceptions and customer experience
2. Rethink local retail: create conditions to attract a variety and good quality of retail that

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Mobility, Parking and Retail: an uneasy relationship?

In many EU cities the debate on (paid) parking and the High Street is still a hot issue. The retail sector and local authorities usually have contradicting views on the relationship between parking and retail activities in urban areas. In general, retailers suggest...

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