Lluis Martinez Ribes is passionate about neuromarketing and especially the strategic approach of it. “We have yet to see the full potential of neuromarketing, and yet the results are astounding. This latest generation marketing delivers an amazing sales growth, usually at double digit level at least. Furthermore, this implicit-based marketing respects the customer and their overriding freedom of choice.”

“You feel it, you experience it. Finally, whether neuromarketing is approached from an operational or strategic point of view, it has undoubtedly proven that ‘to feel’ is far more easy to be understood by the brain than ‘to have’ and ‘to do’. To feel is the neuroverb. If a brand, product or store manages to make consumers feel something positive, and also adds a slice of meaningfulness to their lives, not only will they choose said product or brand, they probably won’t know why they did so in the first place.”

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