In the last two years, ten cities in Europe have gathered twelve strategies for revitalising retail in midsize cities. All this under the flag of RetaiLink. Be there in Hoogeveen on April 5, to hear about the the results, during the International City Retail Experience 2018! Get inspired, bring home tools to use for your own business and city.

The congress is aimed at public and private parties, because working together is a must. So entrepreneurs, administrators, investors and other retail stakeholders: register for the congress via

The programme is as sound as a bell, including key note speakers such as the Dutch State secretary Mona Keijzer, Lluis Martinez-Ribes, Simon Quin, Christian Verschueren and Roger Pride.

This is a taste of the 12 strategies.

1. Analysis: know your customer and know your city retail. Consider perceptions and customer experience
2. Rethink local retail: create conditions to attract a variety and good quality of retail that meets the target consumers’ needs and expectations
3. Good feeling: aim at a positive feel-good experience for your customers, create an attractive retail area both in urban space and in retail concepts
4. Skills: support retailers in skills training concerning retail trends, consumer behaviour, on-line strategy
5. Business support: enable support to entrepreneurs to facilitate setting up and investing in the retail area
6. Cooperation: organise partnerships with retailers and other local agents for mutual gains, work together locally in public private cooperation with a common vision, organise leadership and management, find allies in a supra-municipal strategy

What about the other 6? Find out about them during ICRE2018 in Hoogeveen on April 5!

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Thank you for your interest in the International City Retail Experience